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About Us



Fire Church, we are a bunch of grass-roots believers who are passionately and unashamedly in love with Jesus. We seek to demonstrate the love, power and truth of God everywhere we go. We know that it's the fire of the Holy Spirit that changes a nation and we want to see His fire change lives throughout ours.

We are seeing God do amazing things throughout our region and nation with signs, wonders and miracles being seen often.  We pray you are blessed by your time with us and encounter the love of the Father.



In 2003 Daniel Hagen was radically born again and saved out of the fake life of ‘sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll’. Soon after this experience his band was offered a six figure record deal but was told that “this industry is full of drug dealers and pimps so you need to stop talking about Jesus and stop singing about Jesus if you want any more funds invested into the band.” Daniel declined their offer and soon began his new mission to be an authentic representation of the person of Jesus in everything that he said and did.

Not long after, he began leading evangelism street teams, radically demonstrating God’s love, power and truth of His Word.  In late 2007 Daniel was released through the ministry that he served under to plant Churches.  For the 5 years following he and his wife, Chelsea, planted and oversaw a number of Churches throughout Queensland and Victoria. After serving faithfully under this ministry for 8 years God called Daniel and Chelsea to pioneer and oversee Fire Church Ministries.

Daniel now is invited to minister to the wider body of Christ and loves and appreciates every opportunity he gets to demonstrate the love and power of God. ‘Signs and wonders following’ have ear marked their ministry and Daniel has a passion to see every Christian experiencing an intimate, passionate relationship with God, knowing who they are in Christ, being a ‘doer’ of the Word and representing Christ where ever they are.

Daniel, Chelsea and the family live in Victoria, Australia. 

"We have a heart for the lost, broken and just want to love people the way the Jesus loved people. We would love to meet you! Please feel free to contact us if there is anything that we can help with or if you have any questions about God." — Daniel & Chelsea Hagen - Senior Leaders

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We believe the foundation of all core values or doctrinal statements should be love. We are a people that love God and love people.

Our emphasis and priority is not on performance but rather on His presence. We are a people that love and are in pursuit of the presence of God.

We are about creating spaces where real Christian community and family can flourish. We value the assembly of the brethren, and love seeing those that are planted flourishing.

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We are passionate about the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the very Words of God that lead us into a closer, deeper and experiential relationship with God. We believe in sound biblical teaching and believe that every Christian should be encouraged to know the Word of God for themselves.



We want to see every Christian empowered, equipped, edified and mature in Christ.

We are passionate about seeing 'five fold ministries' flourishing. We want to see the Church mature, healthy, dynamic and fulfilling her great commission.
We don't just want to 'do Church', but rather we want to see Christians discipled, learning who they are in Christ. Knowing they are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father that has an amazing and wonderful plan for their life.

We believe that Christianity is still supernatural today. We have a Kingdom culture that believes ALL things are possible in Christ.
Our Churches are a safe place where people can come at their own tempo to be healed and restored through God's love, grace and truth.

Finally, let our first goal be to win a soul. We want to fulfil the great commission by preaching the gospel and demonstrating God's goodness and supernatural power whenever and wherever we go. We believe that being a witness should not just be left for the evangelist, but instead every Christian should be representing Jesus whenever and wherever they are as a lifestyle.

For further details on our articles of faith, please feel free to visit the ACC website.

Please note: We believe in unifying through love and relationship based on core values. We don't believe that the Church should be dividing over secondary doctrinal differences.

If you have any further questions on our core values, what we believe or what we are about, please feel free to contact us.

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We have an awesome team of people who are passionate about seeing the fire of the Holy Spirit impact and transform the lives of people. Our team is motivated by the love of the Father and we would love to meet you and connect with you.
Please come say "hi" and get to know us!


Daniel & Chelsea Hagen

General Overseers - Fire Church Ministries



Alex & Jess Barcenas

Executive Pastors - Frankston Campus

Frank Clancy

Living Free, Rescue Australia
Board Elder - Fire Church Ministries


Ben Fitzgerald

Board Elder - Fire Church Ministries

Michael Pleiter

Board Elder - Fire Church Ministries

Jonathan Boey

Senior Leaders - Hawthorn Campus
Board Elder - Fire Church Ministries

Lee Wong

Senior Leader - Geelong Campus
Board Elder - Fire Church Ministries


Debbie Goodman

Senior Leader - Gippsland Campus

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Jan & Maxine

Multi-Campus Oversight







We have a value for sowing into ministries both nationally and internationally that are transforming their respective regions with the love and power of God.  The following ministries are who Fire Church has intentionally made a commitment to partner with.