Our Creative Team at Fire is for anyone who wants to be a part of Fire Church's Worship, Sound, Media, Lighting, Video, etc. ministry.

If you are interested or want to be a part of the team, come to one of our team nights!



Wednesday Night | September 25th | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

\\ Prayer, Worship & the Prophetic

Something we love doing as a family, is getting in His presence and seeing what He wants to do, and where He wants to go. This is something that also requires something from US - Time & Intentionality!
When we get together in agreement, we also partner with Heaven. This is something we can do on our own, but as it says in Deut. 32:30, Lev 26:8 and again in Matt 18:19 - 2 are better than one! And a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken (Ecc 4:12).
So join us as we get together in His presence to partner with Heaven!
Be expectant for a night of power and impartation!

All are welcome!

Contact Adrian (Ado) Clarke for more details.