Prophetic Art Classes


Prophetic Art Classes


8 weeks — Thursday nights at 7pm

Registrations for 2017 Opening Soon


Prophetic Art Class is quite different to normal art classes, as it is about creating from a very spiritual perspective. It certainly helps if you are creative and know how to paint and draw, but its also ok if you are new to it, but feel you have a creative edge. If you have a real desire to learn prophetic art, we can certainly help you get started.

Whatever your reasons are for participating, be it a desire to paint live in meetings and events, or just to experience this for your own personal creative inspiration, growth and breakthrough, we welcome you. You will be guided in the whole process, in a safe, non invasive and fun environment.

The focus of this course is not as much about creating a masterpiece, as it is about learning a spiritually dynamic creative expression with painting and drawing, in a caring, relaxed atmosphere with exercises that are designed to help you progress. There is always potential for some great art to emerge, and often it does quite unexpectedly and as a pleasant surprise to yourself. You may even find it somewhat challenging and yet very therapeutic and inspiring. Everyone in the class is on the same playing field.

Content of this course is currently focused in spiritual encounter and learning how to interpret and use the medium of art to express vision received in these sessions. It comes more naturally than you may think, and is a great way to learn to hear from God and to allow yourself to reflect back into the place of creativity you were born with. Many of us leave creativity behind in childhood but it was not meant to be that way, prophetic art in most cases breathes new life to your creative soul.

Class dates will be updated as we set new courses into the year, so if you are interested, please send us an email and details will be posted to you when courses are set in place, to give you the option of registering and we look forward to helping you continue your creative journey!


"Heaven Touching Earth. Thankyou Thea Clarke for sharing your knowledge and skills with others during the prophetic art classes. I've gained so much!"

"This course has enabled me to be free to unleash the child in me to paint, it has sparked a passion and joy in me to be able to freely express Gods heart without limitation."

*We provide one Scholarship per series. This will be conditional according to the application. Please click on "Apply for Scholarship".


Send your Name, email address and mobile phone number to and we will be in touch with you when dates are finalized for 2017.


We have two payment options available

— Full payment upfront and save:
8 week course - 

— Two half payments:
First payment upfront: $ at registration
Second payment: $ - to be paid prior to session 4 either to class instructor, or here in the registration portal.


Please note: by signing up for this course you are agreeing to our terms of payment and will have made a considered decision to sign up for this class and to be fully responsible for yourself and your own equipment in every way, that no responsibility will be placed upon Fire Church, its leaders or its people.
Attendance is only possible if registraion and payment is complete.  We cannot guarantee any specific outcomes with your art, or with you personally, we can only encourage and inspire you to have a go at this expression and what you do with it and how you respond is entirely up to you individually. You agree to take full responsibility for any injury or loss that may occur to yourself or your equipment whilst on the Fire Church premises or during these classes.

Apply & Register

Send your name, email address and mobile phone number to and we will be in touch with you when dates are finalized for 2017.